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Mi Casa Collective brings together a curated range of India’s most promising decor and interior brands on one platform. We retail across categories such as Fine Art, Carpets, Crockery, Cutlery, Furniture, Home Decor Accessories, Bed and Bath Linen, Garden Accessories and more.

Pearl Sea Shell

Rs. 9,027.00 Rs. 10,620.00

Pearl Stamford

Rs. 8,687.00 Rs. 10,220.00

White Sea Shell

Rs. 9,027.00 Rs. 10,620.00

Smocked Bedset - Ivory

Rs. 8,542.50 Rs. 10,050.00

Teal Pick-Stitch

Rs. 6,961.50 Rs. 8,190.00

Fiona- Mint Green

Rs. 8,687.00 Rs. 10,220.00

Grey Ruffle Duvet Cover

Rs. 5,253.00 Rs. 6,180.00

Grey Santorini Ruched

Rs. 8,942.00 Rs. 10,520.00
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Alaiyana Jute Dhurrie

Rs. 9,775.00 Rs. 11,500.00

Classic Grey and Soft Red Wool Rug

Rs. 57,800.00 Rs. 68,000.00

Felix Multi Rug

Rs. 13,600.00 Rs. 16,000.00

Blue Moroccan Hand Tufted Rug

Rs. 11,730.00 Rs. 13,800.00
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Windsor Marble Coffee Table

Rs. 12,991.00 Rs. 21,651.67

Melbourne Golden Nesting Table (Set of 3)

Rs. 10,994.00 Rs. 18,323.33

Belton Coffee Table

Rs. 19,000.00 Rs. 22,800.00

Melbourne Coffee Table

Rs. 12,992.00 Rs. 21,653.33
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Eden By Devinder

Rs. 67,500.00 Rs. 75,000.00

The Forest By Shurbir Mukhopadyaya

Rs. 63,000.00 Rs. 70,000.00

Lady with Bird by Bankim Banerjee

Rs. 36,000.00 Rs. 40,000.00

Festival by Chakradhar Behra

Rs. 45,000.00 Rs. 50,000.00
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Beige Duvet Set

Rs. 8,074.15 Rs. 9,499.00

Ivory Duvet Set

Rs. 7,649.15 Rs. 8,999.00

Chloe Grey Treasure Bedsheet

Rs. 3,399.15 Rs. 3,999.00

Herringbone Old Rose Legacy Bedsheet

Rs. 3,824.15 Rs. 4,499.00

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