Different Aromas evoke happiness in your space. Gift your special one the gift of nostalgia.

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Bring the charm of the hills to your gifting with this curated set of high-tea essentials.

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For those who are particular about their cocktail hour, gift them a special curation of our barware essentials.

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A hint of the indegenous is a perfect present. Shop from our easy to incorporate tableware collection.

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Gift them something they will remember you by everytime they walk past it. Shop these table top accessories for every home.

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The Curated Gift Sets

Curated with love and care, shop our customisable gift sets for your loved ones! Each Gift Set can be customised as per your requirement. Please contact info@micasacollective.com or call +91 8860271230 for more information. 

The Midnight Celebration Gift Set

Rs. 10,000.00

The Tea Lover Gift Set

Rs. 8,500.00

The Enchanted Gift Set

Rs. 11,500.00

The Bloom Gift Set

Rs. 9,800.00

Unwind Care Tray Set

Rs. 7,050.00

The Coffee Lover Gift Set

Rs. 9,000.00