The Zookeeper Curtain
The Zookeeper Curtain
The Zookeeper Curtain
The Zookeeper Curtain

    The Zookeeper Curtain

    Rs. 2,700.00 (Inclusive of all taxes)
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    Why I'm a Keeper
    If the world was a zoo, what would you see through your windows? Here are some things we can see: A rainbow. Colourful passersby in all shapes and sizes. City lights. So, why not decorate your window with this curtain that adds a whole lot of colour and exciting perspectives to your view?
    Who is this for?
    One for aspiring travel writers, zoologists, photographers and you!
    How to Use.
    Hang from the curtain rod or channel of an outward-facing window or inside your room to create a greater sense of space, separation and adventure. Our curtains feature a 3-in 1 hanging method- a fabric panel at the back allows for easy installation by running a curtain rod through or to clasp with curtain channel hooks.
    This product is handmade. There may be small imperfections or differences in shape, size, and colour which are inherent to the process and what makes it unique. Actual colours may vary slightly due to your screen's resolution and settings.

    Size: 139 x 228 x 5 cms
    Weight (kg): 1 KG
    Units(U):  1 Unit + Packaging Bag
    Color: Multicolor
    Gender: Male and Female
    Age Group: 2+
    This product is made by Zookeeper

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