Baby Powder Candle
Baby Powder Candle
Baby Powder Candle
Baby Powder Candle

    Baby Powder Candle

    Rs. 925.00 (Inclusive of all taxes)
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    Fill your heart with nostalgia and comfort your soul instantly. Envelop your surroundings with the clean, recognisable scent of your baby. Sweet orange, ozone, violet, rose and orange blossom blends with cedar and powdery notes rounding off this soothing and classic aroma

    1 scented soy candle in a clear glass container.

    Diameter: 2.9 inches, Height: 3.4 inches

    Weight: 165 gms

    Burning your candle for the first time:
    - Allow all the wax on the surface to melt and become a liquid pool.
    - Let the liquid pool reach the edges of the container before extinguishing.
    Relighting your candle:
    - Allow candle to cool before relighting.
    - Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before relighting to minimize mushrooming and soot.
    Safety and care:
    - Burn candle within sight.
    - Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire.
    - Keep all objects, including matches and wick trimmings out of the candle.
    - Do not burn candle for more than three hours at a time to avoid soot.
    - Keep candle out of drafts.
    - Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

    Additional Information:
    Handcrafted candle with non toxic and bio degradable natural soy wax.
    The natural property of soy can lead to slight discolouration and variations in texture. This does not affect the performance or quality of the candle.

    This product is manufactured by Niana, 592, Ground Floor, Road Number Zero, Ghitorni, New Delhi- 110030.

    Country of Origin- India.

    Manufactured in 2022

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